Alternate healing methods – Access bars

Access Bars is a form of energy healing. It was developed by Gary Douglas who received the method of doing this via channelling. We are not this body, we are energy and as such we store negative behaviour and beliefs during our lifetimes

The brain consists of 32 pressure points.

Stored in those pressure points are all of our baggage from past lives and this life, our old emotions, our thoughts and beliefs that no longer serve us. When the energy is released from these bars people feel more energised, calmer and at peace. Their ability to manifest becomes easier and old beliefs change. A deep form of relaxation takes place by simply touching the areas on the head. This is non-invasive and requires you to only lay down.

When tests were done on this form of healing scientist discovered that there are changes in brainwaves when receiving the bars.

Further medical research discovered that people with the desire to spend money constantly became gratified with or without spending after running the bars, it did not matter if they possessed money or spent money.


 Scientists became aware that the electricity activity on the parts of the brain that were stimulated had dropped.