Short meditation with your animal guide


Find a quiet place

Close your eyes and get into a comfortable position.

Begin breathing deeply.

Imagine you are walking towards a beautiful garden.

As you approach the golden gate you see huge trees and roses as far as the eye can see.

Barefoot with soft grass between your toes.

A  sweet scent lingers around you.

As you breathe deeply you take in the fresh air.

The sun shines forming a blanket of warmth around you

Now ask for an animal friend to join you on your journey.

The first animal that appears in your mind is the one that will remain with you for the rest of your journey.

A bird perched on your shoulder, a snake on your arm, a tiger walking next to you. It does not matter. This is the guide given to you by the universe.

Talk to your animal. Ask for its name. The name that appears in your mind is the name of your guide.

Feel its presence and take notice of the emotions you feel.

Ask your animal guide questions you may have about your life and see the answers appear in your mind’s eye.

Play with you guide, have fun.

Ask your guide to stay with you even after the meditation is over.

Ask for its protection.

Ask to feel its presence were ever you go.

When you are ready say goodbye and begin walking  out the gardens gate back to the present time.

Open your eyes. Breathe deeply.

Take a few minutes in silence and arbsorb all you have experienced in your meditation.





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