Dealing with difficult people – the spiritual way

Dealing with difficult people – the spiritual way

Difficult people generate negative emotions. They make life difficult when it does not have to be. Even adults get bullied commonly in the work environment were they are forced to work.

These are the alternate spiritual ways to deal with such people.

  1. You attract difficult people like you do all experiences into your world. So that means there is some negative vibration inside you that you are not aware of. The difficult person actually helps you acknowledge such negative active vibrations and this gives you an opportunity to change it.
  2. If you are forced to deal with the same difficult person daily try to find the good qualities that the person possesses for example if faced with a manager who is angry all the time and decides to vent that anger onto you, you could describe the person as being passionate and determined.
  3. Love is a powerful emotion. Love is what we are all born from. This sounds cliche but Love can heal any situation. Say to yourself ” I have no idea about what this person has created in their vortex. I am unaware of the contrast and resistance he or she has active but I send my love to him or her”
  4. When arguing with someone all you are doing is making them more certain that they are right. It may make you feel better fighting back because anger is a better feeling emotion than sadness but it will not achieve anything constructive. Rather stop, walk away, breathe deeply, and focus on better feeling thoughts because the only place to solve conflict from is in your vortex. Get into your happy place and then look at the situation. You will see that you may no longer attract the difficult person or your perspective of the situation changes and the behaviours of other as well.



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