Being single – a personal story

Being single – a personal story

I am a single woman of 33 years old. I am educated, beautiful and intelligent but I let others influence me.

I was told over and over again that I am too picky, I have high standards, I’m rude, that’s why I don’t have a man.

I dated and when I told my friends and family about breakups they assumed it was my fault. I have dated alot so I  believed that I am the problem. I am the common factor.

I heard about how lonely I will feel when I am older with no man. Pointing out people that were alone and miserable. I did not want to end up like those people.

I then met a man who was rich, smart, stable. I could not stand being near him. The thought of him touching me made my skin crawl. When I confided in others they told me love takes time to grow. Get to know him first. You will learn to love him.

So i tried. Not because I wanted a man but I was afraid of failure. Saying that I let another get away was a sign there was something wrong with me.

A short while later in my misery I had an epiphany.

I came to this world to have fun. Being with a man I hate is not fun.

If others settle because of fear then that is unfortunate because they are not enjoying the life they chose to be born into. I will not settle.

I am a bit rude, but so what, why should I change. I can date a hundred men but again so what. The men I date are not a measure of my worthiness. Being single with no kids does not mean I am less of a person.

I do not worry about being alone because I can never be alone. I am source energy. I create worlds. How can I be scared to be alone when there are billions of people in this world

My vortex will never dry up. Everytime I ask for a man, source takes care of it. So there is no shortage of opportunities for me to find a man I want.

I can date for the next fifty years but I rather be in my vortex and happy than with a man I cannot stand touching.

I am not trying to comfort myself and justify my singleness.

Keeping a man is no reflection of my character.

Breakups are just an opportunity for me to learn what i do not want so I can know what I do want.

It is human nature to want a connection but I rather connect with a million different people than being forever with one that I feel no connection to just because I do not want to be alone.

I am on my high flying disc. How many married people can say that?





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