How to use the Mahatma Energy in the Ascension process

The Mahatma energy is associated with spiritual growth. Diana cooper calls it a “cosmic electricity power station”  because most people experience hot sensation when invoking this energy.

Its many uses include:

  1. Balancing your third eye.

  2. Solve personal problems quickly using its high vibrational frequency

  3. A powerful direct link to source assisting with the ascension process.

If you choose to invoke this energy you first have to give permission to it to enter.

During meditation visualize the golden white energy flowing through you.

Visualize the energy entering your third eye.  Ask it to balance and heal keeping you young and rejuvenated.

Joshua Stone gives us a simple invocation to invite this energy. ” I choose to accept and invoke a deep penetration of Mahatma energy into my energy matrix, allowing a full open radiation of my Divine self in service to All That Is Now”






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