What to do when you are not in the vortex

What to do when you are not in the vortex

If you get into the vortex, you are in alignment with your source.

Being in the vortex is exhilarating and after the experience it becomes difficult to cope with being out of the vortex. Outside the vortex you do not feel that satisfaction and completeness.

Many people begin beating up on themselves when they are not in their vortex.

They blame themselves for not staying positive and not being able to control their thoughts.

Again, when we chose to come into this physical world we wanted to experience the contrast. We wanted to learn and sort through it all.  In order to fufill the reason we came, we have to feel the contrast. In the vortex there is no contrast. We have to be out of the vortex to do this.

We can only differentiate from what we do and do not want when we experience either one. What we do not want can only be experienced out of the vortex.

We are all source energy so when we decided to enter this world we knew we would have to experience the bad. If we wanted to stay in the vortex permanently we would not of chosen to be born into this world.

Blaming ourselves for getting out of the vortex causes a separation from our source energy. Source energy knows only love and any negative emotion creates the momentum to drift away further from our true self. When you are not true to your source, life becomes difficult.

When you get out of the vortex just work on getting back in, avoid blaming yourself :

Distract yourself from the negative. Do something you enjoy. Walk the dog or work in the garden. Whatever you enjoy. Having fun is the one way ticket into the vortex.

Abraham hicks teaches us to meditate or sleep. Reason for this is because when we are not focused on anything we automatically get into the vortex. Next to sleep, meditation comes a close second to relaxing the mind.

Laugh, put on a comedy and laugh. Our mood picks up and we can begin to appreciate all.

Appreciation, meditation and sleep are the common easy ways to get into your vortex.  From appreciation you will gradually move close to source energy and who you are.









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