What is ascension

People have different ideas of ascension. Leaving your body and moving from the 3d dimension to 4d and finally 5d. Manifesting all you desire easily and immediately, even having your karma manifest instantly so you do not carry it over to the next life. I do not know about other dimensions but this is what ascension is to me

  1. It is letting go of material things. Being satisfied with all you have in the knowledge that everything is temporary in this world.

  2. Having love for everything and everyone. Being able to rid yourself of jealousy, anger and hate. Ennveloping yourself in a wave of love even for those that have mistreated you.

  3. Forgiveness to all irrespective of what they have done. Seeing the people that have sinned as souls who have merely lost their way. Most importantly be able to forgive yourself.

  4. Freeing yourself from soul contracts that come from your past lives and present life.

  5. Empathetic to all you meet. Sensitive to energies and being able to sense what others feel and their vibrations.

  6. Guiding others who also want to reach the state of enlightenment. Being a mentor and teaching others all you know about the universe.


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