How do you know when you are disconnected from source

At times we feel uncomfortable or negative and our first instinct is to look outside ourselves to find someone or something to blame.

However, we do not have to venture far to find the reason of the discomfort. It is always due to our alignment.

We come from pure light, source energy that only knows how to love. If at any point we are not exhibiting that positive energy we seperate from our higher self.

Here are a few things that are caused by this disconnection

Chronic pain.

It may not seem possible for you to cause your own pain however consider any other situation in your life that has been difficult. You could be manifesting the pain from that situation.

Feeling lonely

Loneliness is not caused by you not having enough friends. The loneliness is the disconnection you feel from your higher self. When you are connected and flying high there is no loneliness.

Feeling unloved or unworthy

This feeling is so far from our source energy which makes losing a man or woman we love so painful. Feeling unworthy or not loving yourself is the one of the main reasons we do not manifest all the desires we have. Most people meet their partners by chance, or default manifesting. Divorce rates are higher than ever before.

Anger, revenge and hate

Again this is opposite from our true selves. The feeling of anger or hate hurts you more than the other person because you are going against who you really are.  Your higher self only knows how to love and any anger or hate is just not accepted by your higher self.






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