10 things to love about law of attraction – Teachings of Abraham – Hicks

Ask and it is given, no exceptions. Anything I want is mine. I just have to ask. There are no hurdles to overcome, I just have to ask and allow. Allowing by just having fun and being happy.

When I die I  do not cease to be. I become one with my higher self. Its as if I will be returning home and becoming who I  really am.

I am the creator of worlds. There is nothing stopping me from achieving all that is good, because I have full control over what happens to me.

The universe takes care of the “hows”. I do not need to worry about how, when or why things  happen. That is already taken care of. My only job is to ask and allow. The universe takes care of the rest.

Everything I want is in my vortex. It is there waiting for me to collect. Its already available to me. I need to get in the vortex and get whats mine. I have no need to beg, perform rituals,  starve myself or prove I am worthy to receive. Its already been received in my vortex waiting for me.

What ever anyone thinks of me is none of my business. I should not worry about other people or compare myself to others. Each person came to this world by choice. Only they can control their alignment, their happiness, their allowing. I just need to worry about me. I can guide but it is not my responsibility to save the world.

I came into this world to have fun, experience the contrast, experience new desires. I was not meant to suffer. If I am suffering I am not being who I really am. The world is not out to get me.

Everytime I sleep and wake up, I can start fresh. I can change  the negative emotions I felt before I slept. I can stop the momentum I had gained from anything that doesnt feel good before I slept.

I do not have to face reality. If a situation doesnt feel good all I have to do is imagine what I want it to be and the universe picks up that good feeling vibration resulting in manifestation of my desires. Whys dont matter. How it happened doesnt matter. All that matters is me feeling good.

I am not alone. I have source energy calling out to me, wanting to assist me and give me everything I need. I am loved.


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