Do we create our suffering

Do we create our suffering

We are creators of our own realities, both good and bad. We attract what is active in our vibration.

These vibrations can be influenced by our thoughts which affects emotion which affects vibration

Many of us complete our lives creating by default as Abraham calls it. This means we are unaware of vibrations we send out to the universe.

However what about the extremely bad things that happen like accidental death or severe illness, how can we create that?

Accidents, illness, death all originate from a feeling of lack. You may see a sick woman on her death bed and think” I never want to end up in hospital”. That one thought can activate a vibration. Law of attraction will give you more of what you fear, because that is active in your vibration.

The universe acts on your vibration. Loved ones may see you as happy and carefree but no one really knows deep inside how you feel and the vibration you possess.

We are individual souls. Our perception of each other is just an assumption we make using present time and past history with a person to judge their mindset and feelings

Certain people who die are young with their whole life ahead of them have family and seem so happy. However we cannot know what vibration or feelings they possess deep inside

We attract everything we get, even the negative. Universe interprets our vibration not what we say out loud or tell others close to us. You cannot lie or hide your vibration from the universe.


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