How to break a curse using law of attraction

Many times when things are not going the way we want it to, we turn to religion, psychics, churches etc for reasons. We think we cannot  possibly create all the wrong going on in our lives.

Most of the reasons given to us involve evil spirits, witchcraft or curses.

Can a person put a spell on another causing them to manifest only the things they do not desire?  

Abraham says “Every thought that has ever been thought still exists”. Whatever you think you invite into your experience. If you think you are cursed law of attraction will keep sending you all the signs that you are cursed because what you think you attract. 

Napoleon Hill the author of Think and Grow Rich wrote a book called Outsmarting the devil. In this book he has a conversation with the devil and the devil explains how he controls people. By playing on their fears. The devil uses the fear we feel and taught to have accompanied by the inability to think independent​ly to tempt us to his world.

No spirit or curse can ever affect your life without your permission because you create your own world. If you open the door for something to enter it will.

” How can you break a current imagined curse”?

Stop thinking about it. That simple. Change your belief that such things can affect you. Law of attraction does the rest.

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