Changing the lives of others – why you should not attempt this

Changing the lives of others – why you should not attempt this

There are so many people starving , homeless and living in complete poverty. Our natural instinct is to want to help others. Save the world and all the people in it by changing their lives.

However, law of attraction teaches us that the world is constantly expanding. That is what we all came here to do, Expand.

In this expanding world that is getting better and better day by day you cannot force change on others.

We invade countries claiming to free people, thinking we know best and force them to change their beliefs.

It’s never that easy is it? To compel people to change.

Through out history it has been done at the cost of human life with devastating consequences for everyone involved taking years to recover. 

This happens because we were not meant to change another person’s beliefs and way of life. Our higher selves know that we can never influence another person’s expansion. Trying to causes great discord within us.

Of course you can counsel others and help the less fortunate. However thinking that you alone can change a person’s thoughts and beliefs is wrong and going to cause resistance in your path.

It prevent you from fufilling your purpose which is to expand and gain clarity.

Let others tend to their own expansion. You may see others as less fortunate but they may be much more fortunate than you if they are fufilling their purpose of expansion.

You are more helpful to the poor being aligned and inspiring action rather than taking forced action. 

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