5 characteristics of an empath

A person who is highly sensitive to energy is called an empath.

Being sensitive to energy is a wonderful gift that can seem like a burden if uncontrolled.

Many people with sensitive energies do not even know why they feel the way they do or how to protect themselves which makes life difficult for themselves and loved ones.

1) Empaths are generally introverts. They pick up energy from others so easily that they feel it’s best for them to seclude themselves from the world. Those who are extroverts always need a time out to meditate and gather their thoughts

2) Have gifts such as telling the future or reading auras

3) Medically diagnosed with depression or a mood disorder. The depression occurs when the empath arbsorbs the negative energy from others making them feel depressed or angry.

4) Arbsorbing all the negativity manifests into physical medical conditions as well.

5) Empaths are generally shy and quiet.

To protect yourself from negative energy

Meditate daily. Visualize a shield of light around you were only positivity is allowed in.

Bathe in salt water.

Call upon Archangel Michael to protect you when you feel you are stepping in to a negative place.

Wear crystals to arbsorb all negative energy you encounter. Cleanse the crystal regularly by visualization or soaking in warm water. Leave the crystals outside at night to be blessed by the moon.



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