How did something so good become so bad – 4 ways to deal with negative manifestation

It becomes very disheartening when you think all is well and suddenly something happens to burst that bubble and you left thinking “what did I do wrong”.

Many people start blaming themselves since law of attraction states that you control your world so how did you manifest something so bad that felt so right at the time.

  1. You do control your universe but you cannot control anyone else. So if someone hurts you know that you did not force any one to do anything. You only control yourself. What they have accumulated in their vortex is their problem not yours.

  2. Do not go down the blame path. Especially the path of blaming yourself.  It serves you no purpose. It does not help you recover or move forward. All you can do is move on. The why’s do not matter. What is done is done, the question now is “how, how do I get to a better feeling place?”

  3. Emotionally soothe yourself. So tell yourself,” I am not done, I’m alive. I am an expanding being that will continue to move on irrespective of what has happened. I can sit and moan or I can make something good happen from this bad situation. “

  4. Experiencing the contrast is the best thing that can happen to you. Because now you have expanded. Through this experience your vortex has accumulated so much more in so much more clarity.



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