What is self actualization and how to achieve it

Abraham Maslow famous  psychologist created a hierachy of needs which is a model for human motivation.

For example desire for food and shelter was the base followed by safety, followed by love, esteem and self actualization.

Once one desire is met a person would strive to achieve another. The next need being the motivation to fufill the current need with the ultimate goal being to achieve self actualization and eventually transcendence. 

The lower order needs must be met before progression to next level. Progression is complicated because we have things that pulls us back to a lower order need, such as divorce or a loss of a job. The lower order need that pulls you back again needs to be met before you can move up the list. 

 Self actualization means becoming fufilled and reaching your complete potential.

Transcendence is rising above set limits and reaching beyond the normal realities of this world. It is helping others achieve self actualization. 

So how do you reach self actualization.

  1. By being happy. Being a positive delibrate creator.
  2. Doing what makes you feel good.
  3. If you experience a thought that doesn’t feel good replace it with another good feeling thought.
  4. Flying high reaching your potential effortlessly is the actualization.

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