How to become a master at self mastery

How to become a master at self mastery

Become a deliberate creator 

Do not become a creator by default. Pay attention to all your thoughts. Acknowledge the power you hold. You create your reality. Do not become a person who by chance gets into the receptive mode and by chance manifests what you desire. You do not have to leave anything to chance. See it, control it, manifest it. 

Fate fallacy 

There is no such thing as fate. Fate is an excuse lazy people use to justify their misfortunes and relinquish all responsibility. Do not fall for the lie that destiny and fate cannot be changed. You create your destiny everyday.

Self acceptance

A huge block on your road is concern for others opinions, thoughts, reactions. The most important lesson you can learn is not give anyone else the power to create your happiness. No one has lived the experience you have. Their judgement is from a perspective of their own experiences. You may have an experience similar to others but your feelings can never be the same as anyone else. Accept your faults, it makes you unique

Controlling the uncontrollable

We have all heard the line ” you cannot control others but you can control yourself, and your reaction ” Can you feel the vibration in this message. It is a waste of time to even try to change someone because at the core they are who they are. Behaviour may change but it will take alot of effort and courage to change your core being.

Let go of the ego

You may fight with your spouse or parents but if every conversation is an argument, does it not become exhausting? To constantly be in a tension filled environment just so you can be right. Choose the battles worth fighting and let go of the others. You do not have to be right all the time. Let go of the ego

Do the work 

If you do not you will become a victim of life. You were sent to expand not to waste this opportunity by indulging in useless activities. When you die no one is going to remember you for the amount of alcohol you consumed or how many clubs you visited. Live a meaningful life. Become the master of your destiny.



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