Why you are not in a relationship

Why you are not in a relationship

You really do not want to be. You enjoy being free, answering to no one. Doing what you want, when ever you want. You may be lonely but you love the freedom.

Your lover is the measuring stick of your happiness. When someone you love dissapoints you, it’s devestating​. My world has ended several times until I started to realise that I am going to remain on my high flying disc with or without a man. He can join me or choose to leave. Either way I’m soaring.

You are not aligned with pure positive source energy. So you attract a partner that is vibrating at the same level as you. That vibration maybe one of despair, depression, even anger

You were taught that you have to get married at a certain age. If you do not you will be alone forever. That is the biggest lie that was ever told. I am always asked if I found anyone special and when I say no I am told ” don’t worry you will find someone when the time is right ” no, I am not worried. At one point I thought maybe I should just get married so I can fit in. No one seemed to worry that I may get divorced. I just needed to marry to be normal. Luckily common sense reared its head. You can never be alone because you are source energy. You may never be married but you will never be alone.



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