Why do bad people prosper

Why do bad people prosper

We all come across others that are in our opinion not the best of people

They maybe dishonest, rude, selfish and it leaves you wondering why do they attact everything they want.

Here you sit, a relatively good person who is suffering.

This is why:

People that do not care what others think of them, tend to allow more easily.

Other opinions have little affect on their lives. Insults slide off their backs because they believe in themselves. When you realise that others are not living your life so their opinions are from a place of assumptions, you will be bathed in glorious delicious peace. 

Bad people are selfish. They care only about themselves and it gets them ahead. We all need to be a selfish sometimes especially when it comes to aligning with source. The only way you can help anyone is when you are in the vortex. So be a little selfish. Focus on your happiness to help others.

It does not matter how bad you perceive someone to be. The universe gives you what you vibrate. These bad people are vibrating a belief in their desires They easily manifest because no one can affect the powerful vibration of their desire.If you have a strong belief in anything the universe must give it to you. That is law of attraction




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