Finding a new lover using law of attraction

Finding a new lover using law of attraction

As human beings our need to find love of a partner is important to us but what happens when you can’t find a lover.

Here are things you should remember to successfully find a lover.

As soon as you break up with someone or you end a relationship that you do not want to end, law of attraction places another lover in your vortex  immediately.

Focusing on the lack of that person blocks your way into the vortex. You are therefore unable to reach the lover law of attraction has given you.

If you are depressed and always focusing on how you want a lover but cannot find one.  Law of attraction will give you someone who is exactly like you. Depressed, insecure, uncertain of their desires.

There is no shortage of lovers. The universe is always making it happen. There is no need to be scared that you will be alone forever.

How do you find a lover

Forget you want one. You asked the universe now it is just a matter of allowing.  Get a new hobby, focus on work. This may not resonate with you since it is quite alot to ask for when you are faced with not having a lover every day.

So if that doesn’t feel good then pretend you have received a new lover. Write a letter to the universe thanking source for “granting” your desire

Calm yourself with affirmations during time you feel the worst.

You were not meant to be alone. You lover is waiting for you. All you have to do is allow.







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