What is mental illness – law of attraction perspective

Individuals that suffer with mental illness are never really understood because people assume you can just get over it or you are weak. If it’s not a physical illness, it is not important. Well it is.

Certain religions even go as far as to say that a sufferer is possessed by evil. Of course this assumption is an example of complete ignorance.

Abraham has discussed mental illness and here are a few explanations as to what this illness really is about from a spiritual perspective

  1. Coming from pure positive energy this world does not cut it for us. Our non physical selves or souls cannot adjust to being in our physical body. We dearly miss the exhilaration and joy of being aligned but because we cannot find that alignment in our physical bodies, we struggle to cope.
  2. Our focus is so fine tuned and so powerful that when we want something, we become almost consumed by it. We want desperately and we focus on the desire or the lack off so strongly that we do not allow the universe to bring us that which we desire. Having such focus is not wrong but when the focus is on the lack you are experiencing, this causes the depression.
  3. We can swing from feeling extremely good to complete despair with ease. The emotional guidance system is different for us. We can leap between good and bad thoughts in a matter of minutes.

Mental illness is not something that can be cured overnight but knowing that you are not crazy, you are just different, is an important consideration.



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