False happiness​ – 6 things that will never bring you real joy

False happiness​ – 6 things that will never bring you real joy

Abraham always says do what feels good but the things you think will bring you happiness really do not.

High from drugs and alcohol

Drugs make you feel good superficially. It has no lasting effect on your vibration because after a few hours you are back to were you started. When you are drugged or drunk you have not changed any vibration because your are not in the right state of mind. Usually when you are sober, you feel worse of than before you started.

Anger or hurting others

You may say “what about all those serial killers who get excited when they kill someone”

We are all from pure positive energy. The source within us is always good. In order to align with source you have to be good. Serial killers are not aligned with source because source or God would never hurt anyone. You can only feel good from love. Hurting others is hate and anger. Hate is not a positive emotion.

Finding a lover

Sex feels good, a lover feels good but because it is something external that you have to rely on someone else for, it is not going to get you into your vortex and keep you there.

Joy and happiness comes from within. We are all experiencing the contrast of this world. We all came here to grow and expand. So how can any single person teach another to expand when they themselves are in the unknown terrority of learning about expansion.

We are all inividual energies. We came as this energy to experience this life, that means live it. If you wanted another energy to do it for you why did you come into this physical body. You could of just sent your lovers energy to come to this world, make him/her learn how to make you feel good and ask them to  return to non physical.


Again this is a negative energy. Revenge on  someone who has wronged you, may seem to soothe your heart but it does not make what they did any less painful. Once you carry out the revenge plot you have made the other party suffer but you are no closer to getting into your vortex. Why waste precious time of your expansion on someone else.

Material objects

Have you heard the term poor little rich girl. Rich people are not necessarily happy. Life is very comfortable but it is not easy work to maintain all your riches, fearing each day you will lose it all.

Power and control

The only thing you can control is yourself. Power over another is a wasteful attempt because no one can control pure positive energy. No person can control the source within you. You may think you are forcing people to conform but throughout history we have seen that forcing anyone to do anything that they do not want to do usually ends badly.


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