5 reasons why marriages fail


The vows

Your problem begins even before you are married. Till death do we part, promises to love and cherish forever. Forever and death is a really long time.

The vows restrict the other person from being all they can be. Why seek assurance from someone else to feel loved. Marriage vows should be ” I love you but I want the best for myself, you are the best right now and I think will make me feel really happy for many years to come, probably till I die but let’s just see how it goes”

Changing your partner

As you start living with another person you will most likely find things wrong with them or things that irritate you. Soon you come up with an list of what you think needs to change in them so that they are easier to love.

But why should they change when it’s you that has the problem not them. You attract whatever is in  your vibration even qualities in your partner that you dislike. If you learn to change your vibration to one of feeling good you will not attract those qualities that annoy you.

Focusing on the faults

Law of attraction brings to you what you focus on. What you focus on affects your emotions and vibrations. If you are focused on everything your partner is not able to do or qualities you wish they did not have, law of attraction will just keep throwing more of those negative qualities at you. Focus on the one good thing you love about your partner and see how the rest will change.

Expecting your partner to keep you happy

Finding a lover really feels good. You feel so aligned and in the right vibration all because you think meeting them brought the good feeling to you.

Your partner cannot maintain your good feeling and vibration. That’s all on you. No one can get you aligned but you. You partner is not required to tend to your vibration so if you are not happy that’s your negative emotion. You cannot expect someone else to work for you to get you into that higher frequency.

Assigning blame.

People say I never asked him to cheat on me, well you kind of did. You held an emotion maybe fear, or sorrow from a previous experience in your vibration.

Law of attraction just gave you what you feel.

No one is to blame. There is no reason why you should beat your self up. You cannot change the past. All you can do is be the creator you were meant to be. Create your own future.


2 thoughts on “5 reasons why marriages fail

  1. I’ve really enjoyed reading your post especially from the perspective of law of attraction. Thanks for sharing, i look forward to reading more. Check my post out when you get the chance would love to know your views on the various topics.


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