Why your problems are equal to others

” There are people worse off than you so you should not complain about your stupid problems or feel sorry for yourself ”

We have all heard that before and sometimes even use the plight of others to feel grateful for what we have.

Most of us always place ourselves in the shoes of others. If we see a baby on tv, eating plain rice or dry bread for example, we imagine how we would feel if that were our child.

Why do we compare? 

  1. We judge others according to our definition of ” well off” How can any of us say that our condition is better than another. We are not living their life. We can only imagine their pain from our imperfect perspective.
  2.  Joy is gained when non physical and physical are aligned. Others we perceive suffering could really be aligned with source and be having more satisfied, joyful days than we are. We cannot assume that people who do not live according to our idea of normal are really in fact suffering. 
  3. We cannot see what others have accumulated in their vortex or why they chose to come in to this world in specific circumstances. It is not our job to compare our problems to others.

We need to realise that our problems are not worse or more important than others.

Our problems are important to us and that is all that matters.

Worry about your own positive and negative vibration. Get into your vortex first because that is the only place you can help anyone else.





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