Bipolar mood disorder and law of attraction

Bipolar mood disorder and law of attraction

Bipolar sufferers or bipolar creators ( a term I prefer) experience extreme happiness or extreme depression. Their emotions swings like a pendulum between moods which they cannot control. 

Abraham explains bipolar mood disorder as being a case of immense wanting.

Bipolar creators know exactly what they want and do not want. More so than others. 

Their wanting is so intense it becomes a strong dominant vibration. They ask but cannot receive because they do not allow.

Bipolar creators are unable to align with non physical and the discord they experience causes negative emotion.

They are sensitive to the separation between their physical self and source energy.

Imagine experiencing the joy with source energy and then suddenly being ripped away from it.

Source energy calls out to them every second of the day but they have completely isolated themselves from it.

Such isolation results in them not becoming who they really are.

It’s as if they living life with a huge piece of themselves missing.

They are missing the feeling of being aligned with source.

Law of attraction does not replace invaluable medical treatment or medication.

There is no possible replacement for that but it is comforting to know that you are not crazy.

You are not powerless.

Source energy loves you and is calling out to you.

The universe is not punishing you.

Source has not abandoned you.

Use the law of attraction processes to assist in recovery.








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