Why evil is non-existent – Questioning the teachings of Abraham Hicks

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I believe in law of attraction and Abraham teachings but I cannot blindly follow anyone so in this post I question the definition of evil.

Abraham hicks explanation as to why evil does not exist.

Evil people are souls who came onto this earth as we did and were not evil.

Due to some condition in their early life they have become disconnected from their source energy.

When these people die they are joined with their non physical self and source energy.

Their punishment is the fact they have been unable to align with source energy for so long.

At some point we were all evil because in order to know what we do want, we need to experience the contrast of knowing what we do not want. So the only way we can be good is if we were bad and learnt that being bad is not a feeling we enjoy or want to repeat.

The reasons I disagree with this

  1. Some kids are born with brain deformities and are considered psychopaths. There is no condition in this physical world that could of affected them.Many people suffer with conditions such as abuse but they do not become evil so why should we blame childhood abuse or bad parenting for being evil. 

  2. Evil people returning back to source energy is a bit unfair. That means when our physical body dies we all join with source energy irrespective of how bad or good you are. Then let’s all be bad because at the end of the day we all end up at the same place.

  3. The disconnection from source energy is not punishment enough. Definitely not for serial killers and rapists. They deserve to experience the full wrath of bad karma. They should suffer if their enjoyment was hurting good people.

  4. I do not believe in order to be good I need to be bad which is what Abraham is saying.

I believe evil exists, I believe in karma and punishment for sins. I believe in God so saying that evil does not exist is something I strongly disagree with

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