8 characteristics of an old soul

An old soul is a person who has incarnated many times and has now reached their final stage in this physical world. 

  1. An old soul is more concerned about self actualization and fufilling, meaningful experiences. They do not care for material things which may contributes towards them feeling like they do not belong. They seek enlightenment.

  2. Old souls are relaxed and tend to be more calmer when dealing with problems from this physical world. They are more accepting of other cultures because they believe that everyone should do what is best for them. Rarely do they get stressed out. 

  3. Old souls are not career driven and do not have a deep desire to climb up the coporate ladder. They are interested in learning about spiritual development and gaining wisdom.

  4. They are comfortable being alone and lead a solitary life. Old souls cannot relate easily to others because they do not have the same goals and desires as a younger soul may have. Old souls are more introspective.

  5. May be seen as boring by peers because they do not need to party or engage in what others consider “fun”. Fun for an old soul could be simple as being home reading a book.

  6. Old souls have spent so many lives in this world that nothing really surprises them.

  7. Give good advice because they are able to look at life holistically instead of just focusing on the material world.

  8. See the world as a temporary place and are aware that we are more than just this body.


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