Judging success by the manifestation

Many people think the law of attraction just doesn’t work for them. It may exist but it is beyond their reach.

Then there are few that claim to be law of attraction experts because their desires are always manifesting

In both cases people judge their knowledge of the law of attraction and ability to try and focus on it’s teachings by the manifestation.

“If you easily manifest your desires then it means you know what law of attraction is really about”

That is the greatest misconception about law of attraction.

The manifestation is not the goal. It is a by-product of getting into the vortex. A by-product of aligning with source.

The most important thing is feeling good, focus on being satisfied.

When you aligned the abundance will follow.

How do you know when you aligned?  You feel good. You feel calm. You feel satisfied.

In the vortex you may not desire what you thought you did, desires change when you aligned. Things that were important are not anymore.

We can all become experts at feeling good.



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