Not worth the worry

Many people say “I  do not care” or “I am not worried” but it really is lip service.

If you feel the need to talk about any negative topic, person or incident you have not let it go. 

Here is a list of things that are not worth the worry

Behaviour of other people

You cannot control anyone’s behaviour. All you can change is the way you let it affect you and how you react. Focus on yourself and worry less about other people’s behaviour that has no direct life changing impact on your life

Changing other people’s opinions 

Negative opinions are based on jealousy or insecurities. It is the other persons  negative feelings about  themselves simply projected onto you. Especially in an argument you are never going to change another person’s opinion, if anything it would make the other party more convinced that they are right. Do not worry about changing people’s opinions. Rather agree to disagree and step away from the situation. 


Your president really has no direct affect in your life. If you do not like his or her politics, tough luck, you voted, not much you can do now.


No matter how bad the economy is,  you as a single person cannot control it, the economy is complicated, it’s not just a matter of taxes and oil prices. There are so many components to it that you as a individual cannot control. So complaining really is not going to help. Focus on your own financial situation rather than the entire worlds financial situation. If you lose your job focus on manifesting a new job rather than complaining about how the government is not doing enough to create jobs




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