Whose God is the real God

God, religion

Everyone thinks that their God is the one true Lord.

People site scripture and will strongly protest as to why they are right.

Wars, killing, fighting, it’s as if you can find reasons for everything you want to do, good or bad, in religious scripture. You just have to twist the words the right way.

Even people of the same religion need to prove to themselves that God exists.

You have discussions and chat groups.The courts make you swear on the Bible as if that would be a deterrent for a murderer fighting for freedom.

The concept of God is believing that a higher spirit, source, light, whatever you choose to call it exists solely to protect, love and care for you. This being is supernatural and and will always be there standing next to you during the good or bad. All that is asked for in return is faith. 

The alternative is thinking that God doesn’t exist and all you have is yourself. You are alone and have to rely on other people who are just as imperfect as you for love and comfort which is in itself really depressing.

So would you rather be alone than believe that there is someone is always taking care of you.

Faith seems to be a better alternative. Does it matter whose God is the real God?

Why does God do what he does? What’s his name? How does he look?

In the grand scheme of things hope and love is what matters. You can always choose not to believe and do it alone the hard way but why would you?

Why choose to be alone. As long as you have faith in something that makes your life easier to cope with, his looks and name seem insignificant.

People might say they do not want to believe a lie. If he does not exist they cannot possibly have faith. They would feel stupid.

It would be stupid to think that you are alone and suffering rather than in something that loves you and comforts you every step of the way.

I do not know his name but I feel really good having hope that all will work out.

When in trouble I to say ” I do not know what to do so all my worries you take it and make it well” I instantly feel better.

Which human being can you say that to and trust completely it will be done.

God exists, I do not know his name but I do know he makes me feel better.

Everything else is irrelevant.

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