Questions and answers about the law of attraction

Ask and it is given, can it be that easy ?

The ask and it is given concept is difficult to digest especially if you are someone who is used to control. Not everything has to be complicated. Ask, allow, receive. It is that simple. 

I have not seen proof of this law so how can I believe it. 

Just because you have not seen something physically manifest in your life, does not mean the law of attraction is not working. Does it not feel good to feel good? Feeling lighter and happier. Being in the vortex aligned with your non physical self is incredible. As long as you allow and focus on your desires not lack of it, it will manifest. There is no question. 

My mind has a life of its own. Why should I control it? 

Thoughts and beliefs affect emotions which affects what we attract into our reality. If you think negative thoughts, you will feel unhappy. If you think positive thoughts you feel happy. Is that not reason enough to try control your thoughts with various processes available to you.

People think I am crazy when I talk about the law of attraction, how do I tell others without them judging me? 

Who cares what anyone thinks. You are happy, so why does it matter if you are crazy. They are sane, are they happy? Let them judge.




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