Why do we suffer the contrast

We experience the contrast of this life because our non physical self came into this world with the purpose of experiencing the contrast.

When our non physical selves chose this life we knew that through the contrast we would gain alignment and receive all  the abundance that this physical world can bring. 

Contrast enables us to differentiate from what we do and do not like. 

Once you know what you do not like you can decide what you do like, for example, you may not like onions, you will then try something else, like tomatoes, so not liking the onion enabled you to discover you like tomatoes.

The suffering bit enters when we keep attracting the onion because that is all we choose to focus on.

We focus on the suffering so law of attraction just keeps on giving more of it.

We were never meant to suffer.

When we experience any negative emotion that is a sign that we are not aligned with our higher self. Our higher self comes from a place of love and light. 



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