What is the vortex.

What is the vortex.

The ” vortex ” as Abraham calls it, is like a storage facility. We store all our intentions or desires in the vortex. 

For example if you walk pass a shop and you really, really want a handbag but cannot afford it. That desire gets stored in your vortex. Once you are aligned and ready to collect it, it will manifest. 

The manifestation can occur immediately, take years or never manifest if you do not allow it.

Over the years you accumulate all desires in the vortex that have not manifested already because as soon as you ask for something it goes into the vortex.

How do you get into the vortex? Actually you are already in the vortex. Well the non physical part of you. Physical you just needs to get with the program.

Basically to manifest you have to meet up with the you that’s waiting for you in the vortex.

How do you know you are in the vortex?

When you start feeling good and things you have wanted start showing up, you know you are in the vortex.

When you feel any negative emotions your vortex kicks you out. This is not a bad thing, after all we did come to the physical world to experience the contrast.

It just means now you get the opportunity to have fun with getting back in.


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