3 ways to ease a moment of depression

Do you feel a deep sense of loneliness, fear and emptiness?

I am sure you have read all the self help tips on overcoming depression like eating right and exercising.

In addition to all of this with medical assistance, during the moments you feel as if you cannot go on here are a few ways to make your depression a little less painful. 

Stay away from people who are as depressed as you are. 

Misery loves company. It may seem you are alone and need to have people around you that understand your pain but talking about how bad you feel over and over again is not going to help.

You may want to feel better but all the universe sees is someone who is depressed. So it will keep sending you more of what you feel and think. If you depressed and focus only on that then you will only get that in return

Once you feel a person is being negative all the time, try to keep a distance from them.

You are already depressed. Hearing other people’s depressing thoughts will not make your thoughts less depressing.

Fake it till you make it

When you do not feel good, pretend that you do. It may be extremely difficult to continuously put on a happy face, but you do not need to make others believe you are happy. You just have to believe it.

How do you do that? Tell yourself that you are happy. When you wake up in the morning tell yourself ” today is a good day, today will be different, it’s going to be fine, I feel depressed but today it is going to be easy” you will not believe it when you begin but after a few days it is much easier. The thoughts gain momentum and your stream of abundance flows making it easier to deal with the depression.

Get angry

On the emotional guidance scale anger is a better feeling emotion than depression.

So get mad, but do not act upon it. Do not get violent, just feel it, for example if you have a difficult time at work say to yourself ” I do not deserve this, how dare my boss treat me this way, if it wasn’t for my hard work, there would not be a company”

You are apart of source energy. So you have to rediscover what you deep inside already know.


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