When to take action

When to take action

Waiting for divine intervention can be frustrating. As humans we feel better when we take control and do something.

Just waiting for inspired action can drive you insane, letting go is even more impossible because everyday as soon as your eyes open from a good/bad night’s sleep your attention returns to your desire.  It’s even worse if you dream about your desire or twice as worse if you couldn’t sleep and was up all night worrying about what you do not have.

If you can’t stop yourself from taking action or tired of waiting for inspired action:


When you laughing you are not doing anything to fix anything. When something bad happens try to see the lighter side. Getting into a higher vibration will encourage inspiring action.

I had 2 car accidents in the same month and the second time I was not even in the car. It was parked. I just laughed when I heard and saw my car, people thought I was crazy but I didn’t care. I didn’t do anything at all. I didn’t get mad at the person who smashed into me or feel sorry for myself. I didn’t even take any action to fix the car because I was too busy laughing. 

Find something to do that will require your full focus.

I downloaded a game about parking cars ( I figured I needed the experience ) and it turned out to be difficult so my determination to master the game overtook my desire to take action.

Be a rockstar

Go for a long drive whilst blasting your favourite songs and sing out loud. (Yes cars again)

Imagine yourself on stage singing, How you would look and how would you dance. Practice your speech when you learn you won your first Grammy.

I do not care what the car next to me at the traffic light thinks. I am rocking my star.  

If what you lack is something you have to face every day, for example if you are trying to lose weight when you look in the mirror you are reminded of your desire and lack of it. So take action, but not drastic action and take action that’s easy. You could just remove all mirrors from your house or say I am not eating cake for the next week. It’s action but not life changing.

If you hate your job, buy a newspaper and see how the market is looking. You are not doing anything major like quitting your current job and you feel better because at least you doing something.

Say to yourself “this action is just so I can feel a bit better, I know the universe has a plan and I look forward to see it all unfold, this is action to calm me until the inspired action kicks in”


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