Does affirming cause resistance

Every time I hear the word affirmation I think about the 90’s show, Touched by an angel, and the infamous line used at the end of each episode after correcting the behaviour of another lost soul the lead actress in her Irish accent says “God loves you ”

God does love me but when im down in the dumps God sometimes is not on my friend list.

In a negative place you really are not going to believe ” you are the creator of worlds ” or ” law of attraction is working to give you everything you want”

If law of attraction wants to give me everything then were is it?

So to deal with the situation it’s best to avoid affirmations in the depressed negative state because you will not be attracting abundance by reading positive statements you do not believe. 

Stay away from affirmation books and cards because you really do not want to add to the negative feelings. The affirmations will just be causing more resistance.

Rather create statements that you believe.

Use Statements such as

I am sad now but I know that this will pass.

I have been happy before so I know it is possible. 

This is not the end of the world, of course I can fight through just like I have before

If I really look at it I have had more happy moments than sad moments

When you are feeling better you can pull out those affirmation cards and get affirming.

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