Law of attraction -haters gonna hate

Law of attraction -haters gonna hate

We live in a society were people are able to evaluate if something is right or wrong according to their views which is based on experience and perceptions learnt in their culture and environment.

As such many people believe that the teachings of Abraham hicks and the law of attraction is nothing more than a way to make money, that the law of attraction does not exist.

So I here is a list of statements from haters and reasons why they are misinformed.

Hater No 1

A former employee claims that Ester Hicks is a terrible person, she is anxious and gets angry easily. The staff are supposed to ensure that Jerry and Ester’s needs are always tended to. 

Well Ester is human, and is naturally going to have human emotions. She is not a saint.

If I employed a person to work for me they better make my life easy. Otherwise why would I pay them.

Hater No 2

A woman claims her mother diagnosed with cancer started believing in the law of attraction. It states that cancer can be cured without medical treatment. How could her mother attract cancer? 

Law of attraction never encourages people to ignore medical treatment.

We do not know what was happening in her mother’s life at the time but yes she more than likely attracted it into her vibration. As to why is a question we will never know. Even though this woman had to undergo the torturous task of seeing her mother die, we cannot blame other people and law of attraction for what happened.

Hater No 3

Law of attraction is a cult which is only after money. 

If there are people who ask for money claiming to be in the name of Abraham we cannot blame Abraham for it. The processes are clearly stated in the book but if people choose to come to live events and can afford it, it is their choice.

A cult would try to isolate you from loved ones. Enforce their unrealistic beliefs on you and try to convert others into believing what they do. They restrict freedom. Law of attraction does nothing of the sort.

Hater No 4

All the books on law of attraction written by Abraham send the same message. It’s just repetition of the same material  in different titles. 

That is true, but people want clarification. This is why they attend live events. This is why people buy the various books on law of attraction, people want to learn the different ways to apply the concept.

Hater No 5

Law of attraction does not exist 

It feels good. I have no idea why but I feel really good when I practice the processes Abraham promotes in the books.

From a personal viewpoint, even if this is a lie. it is a lie that hasn’t cost me anything but good feelings. I am not hurting anyone or spending money. All the processes are easy The tapes Abraham makes are freely available on the internet so why is it wrong for me to believe in law of attraction. 

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