Dealing with suicide.

Dealing with suicide.

Suicide can be very difficult for family members to accept. It is natural to question why it happened and God’s role in it all.

Different cultures have different views on suicide.

Hindus believe suicide is a sin and if you kill yourself your soul will not be able to move on so you are stuck roaming the earth unable to feel and speak.

Abraham teaches us that we are all non physical beings.

Sucide is not actual death because the soul never dies. We merely are returning to were we came from.

Abraham uses the example of you and a loved one going to a movie theatre. You enjoy the movie and want to continue watching were as your loved one does not enjoy the movie and decides to leave the theatre in the middle of it.

Similarly when a person has reached a point when they have experienced what they needed to in this world they return to the non physical.

Their desire to return to source overwhelms the desire to live in this world.

We are all part of source and if you are in pain over losing a loved one,  take comfort in knowing that they  left behind just  a physical body (that was not who they really were in the first place) so there is no need to worry or fear.

The soul is returning to source which is really who they are. 


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