Single ? 5 ways to overcome the loneliness

Single ? 5 ways to overcome the loneliness

With the billions of people in this world you would think there is no possible way anyone can be lonely, yet all of us experienced this feeling in our lives at some point.

So how do we beat the loneliness using law of attraction?

  1. Realise that even if you find someone, you could still feel lonely. So simply getting married in fear of being old and alone is not reason enough to marry. 

  2. You cannot look to others to keep you company so that you feel good. You have to be comfortable and happy being by yourself and when you get into alignment by yourself (because no one can for you), the feeling of loneliness is non existent. Law of attraction makes it so.

  3. It is easier to get into alignment when you are alone. When you are single there is no compromising. You are free to do what you want. There is no need to shoulder the burden of another person’s beliefs and worries. So if you are old and single you will be more happy in your vortex than the other old couples who spend their time bickering over the TV remote.

  4. You have to understand that other peoples opinions do not matter. (This is most difficult when everyone you meet has that sad, pity look in their eyes after you say you are single. ) but their opinions do not matter.It almost as if we are being taught that we are lonely so it must be true. It is not possible for you to be lonely because you are connected to source who loves you and believes you are worthy of everything your heart desires. That is the basic principle of law of attraction.

  5. Once you are aligned with source, you will see that events in your life change. Such a huge change will occur that you will be surrounded by people who are just as happy as you are. Loneliness will be a distant memory






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