Psychic​s – what you should watch out for

Psychic​s – what you should watch out for

Certain people have manifested the ability to speak with spirit and even forsee the future.  

Some charge for their services because they say we place greater value on things we pay for, so if we pay for the reading, it will be appreciated more. Really? People generally see psychics as the last straw in attempting to deal with their problems. I think the help would be appreciated irrespective of cost

Others say they need to earn a living. Earning a living and driving a fancy car are two different things. Helping others is the reason you do it so why do you need expensive jewels or large houses.

As a psychic it is assumed you want to help others so does that mean rich people are the only ones that deserve help. If the costs are high how can the average person get help.

Certain times psychics ask for money to perform rituals. But it is quite ironic if someone is having financial problems, to give away their money to the psychic to help them get money.

Psychics always tell you about your personality and simply build a story from what you say. If you say you seeking a mate, the psychic would say” I see you are very lonely and sad ” well that’s kind of obvious.When you see a psychic you dont pay to be told about how lonely you are. You want to know the future.

Some include counselling as their extra service, they are not psychologists or even trained to counsel. It is dangerous for them to even try.

I once went to a psychic who told me to go off my medication because that was blocking my spiritual growth. If I had listened, I would of suffered with extreme withdrawal. She had no idea what she was talking about. If you need counselling see a psychologist not a psychic 

It is difficult to tell the real from the fake so be careful when going to see a psychic. You are a creator and you do need anyone to tell you what you going to create.


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