What happens after you manifest your desires

What happens after you manifest your desires

When you start manifesting it can be overwhelming, receiving all this abundance one after another. Afterall law of attraction will bring you your hearts desire as soon as you allow it. Have ever thought:

“This is too good to be true.” 

“I cannot be this happy because when something bad happens I will not be able to handle it”

“Expect the worst so it will hurt less when the inevitable bad happens.”

After manifesting and being in alignment what do you do?

  1. First and most importantly is appreciate all you have received. Appreciate the universe, the people, the things that you have received.

  2. The other shoe is not going to drop when you are happy. With law of attraction you can only attract more of the good stuff when you are in alignment. Focus on enjoying and living the life you were meant to live when you chose to come to this physical world.

  3. Stay as long as you can in your vortex. Sometimes you may not be in your vortex and that’s fine. Even Ester Hicks sometimes gets out of her vortex.The key is to have fun getting back into the vortex. If you come out look forward to what you have to do to get back in. Remember the fun you experienced when you found you way into the vortex. This is now just another opportunity to have fun. 

  4. If your desires are realised you may feel that you are being to greedy in wanting for anything more because you have received so much already. The universe does not keep count of everything it has given you. Your stream of wellness never ends. This is law.

  5. Do not feel guilty that you have received all your desires but others have not received theirs. Every person has to learn and experience this journey to abundance on their own. You can listen, educate and give advice on the law of attraction but you cannot control their experience and should not feel guilty when you reap the rewards of being in alignment.



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