Change reality – stop living in the now.

Change reality – stop living in the now.

We always want to talk about our feelings.

If something happens we sit and complain and want to tell our friends exactly what happened hoping that by talking we will feel better but honestly how far has talking about it taken us.

We are taught to live in the now, be a realist. 

What if the now is not so great. What if your reality, were you standing right now makes you unhappy.

What if you could change that and attract abundance.

  1. Stop wanting to be honest and talk about it all the time. Do not replay bad events by  talking about it . If you have something good to say and something that will make you and the other person feel good, then say it. Otherwise shut it. Negative opinions are detrimental to your alignment.

  2. You have an imagination so use it. If the now sucks then imagine a now that is the way you want it to be. Try imagining another reality that makes you feel good. Imagine how it would feel and look. If getting specific makes you feel sad because you do not have your desire then then be general.

  3. Never fear dissapointment. There is no such thing as dissapointment if you believe in the law of attraction. If you believe that as soon as you created a belief the universe gives it to you then dissapointment will never be.

  4. Stop contemplating the past. If you sit and contemplate history repeating itself then yes it will repeat itself over and over again. History is over, it’s done. Some say they need to learn from their history so they do not make the same mistakes again. Newsflash, by thinking of the past you are just attracting more events just like it.  That is the law of attraction. So you may learn the lesson, but the universe will keep throwing you into situations that are similar to the past because you thinking about it and attracting it. Were as if you just forget it then the universe will not give you more of it. 

  5. Forgiving is a way to let go. Forgiving helps to forget the past. The other party no longer has control over you because you forgave them and now have no reason to keep them active in your vibration.



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