How to soothe yourself in a moment of despair

How to soothe yourself in a moment of despair

The main principles in law of attraction is to be deliciously happy.

To enjoy the contrast and expect amazing things to happen your life.

But let’s be realistic. I want to want to enjoy the contrast but I do not.

I want to be patient but I am not.

I know I can come control my thoughts but sometimes it’s so exhausting. It is not supposed to be but it is.

At times of deep despair, believing your stream has run dry, that your boat fell apart upstream and now you are on a deserted island alone, cold and  hungry, what do you do.

In that second were you can’t  sleep or meditate cause you are stuck at work or at the mall, you soothe  yourself.

Use positive thoughts that are unspecific and something you believe. 

“I don’t know how, but I believe the univese is working to give me everything I want”

“I feel down now but I believe that this moment will pass”

” I am tired, so I am handing over all my worries to the universe. You fix it”

Do not worry about tomorrow or the day after that.

Just worry about feeling good for that moment. When later becomes later we will see.








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