Why miracles are not miraculous

Why miracles are not miraculous

Miracles are gifts we perceive to be amazing and that have happened suddenly or quickly.

Attracting what you desire is really not miraculous. It’s universal law.

The law of attraction gives you what you desire, no exceptions

A miracle occurs if a person has a desire so strong and are completely focused, allowing the manifestation​ to take place quicker.

We cannot call their manifestation miraculous because we do not know about the momentum and energy that person had accumulated to enable them to manifest this “miracle”

Can we do it ? Of course but your desire will have to be so strong for you to receive.

Or you can just take the easy way out and enjoy the process.

Abraham talks about taking a vacation. We leave home, enjoy the sights, the food the different places and meet new people, do different activities only to return to exactly were we started, home.

Law of attraction is like a vacation, we must enjoy the “sights” the allowing, the momentum and eventually we will get what we desire and ” come home”




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