The different ways angels speak to us

The different ways angels speak to us

There is no need to be psychic to see angels, we have to be aware that they are all around us, and are always giving us signs of their existence if we pay attention. There are no coincidences

If you have sensed an angel or past loved one, chances are that you are right. 

Every angel experience is different but here are a few common signs that you are not alone

Feeling a sense of peace and overwhelming sense of love and safety

Feeling a breeze brush against our skin or a sweet smell in the air

sudden shiver, or feeling a hand on your shoulder.

When you hear someone call your name.

May experience a flickering light, or see a bright light in your mind’s eye during mediation

Number sequences such as the number plate ahead of you may be a repeating sequences eg 777, 88888 or when you look at the clock and it has a sequence such as 1:11pm or 2:22am

Finding a feather on the ground, angels love leaving feathers as a sign that they are with you. 

 colours have different meanings:

  • A white feather means that your angels are protecting you. If you have been worrying more lately know that everything will be fine. If a loved one has passed on from this physical world know that they are safe
  • Purple is a a feather of spirituality, perhaps explore your spiritual consciousness
  • Red is sign of bravery and strength. Angels acknowledge your strength during this difficult times and are given a sign that there are with you, good fortune is on its way to you also relates to your career,
  • Blue feather is a sign of communication, listen to your inner self and you will communicate with spirit. Psychic awareness is heightened

Communicating with angels are easy. All you have to do is ask. Angels do not interfere in our lives unless we ask or if it is a life and death situation. 

You can ask for anything of course you cannot ask for example a large bag of money and expect it to magically appear.

It does not matter if you talk to your angels out loud or silently. They can hear you.

We are creators of our world but there is no reason why we cannot get a bit of help along the way 

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