Why am I not achieving abundance – could law of attraction be a lie?

Why am I not achieving abundance – could law of attraction be a lie?

Fears that you are practicing the law of attraction incorrectly may cross your mind. Questioning if it exists is natural because we are trained to believe only in what we can see, touch, hear. Here are a few questions I have been asked about it. 

why did I fall from my  high flying disc. 

This is just an opportunity for you to try a new fun process to get back on to your high flying disc. High flying disc is Abraham’s description of us being aligned, creating and being happy. 

The process of getting into alignment should be fun and exhilarating.

We are humans we will never be in alignment 365 days a year but we can use the time when we are in alignment to manifest our abundance and make the most of it.

Why am I not getting what I want. I’m doing everything right 

If you were doing it right you would have what you want. Universe and source knows you best. It knows your thoughts, emotions and beliefs. So if you are not achieving your desires, there must be something keeping you from it.

To fix this forget about your desire for a little while. Meditate, do things you love doing , take a long drive to no were, do yoga. Then see how inspired action takes over. Things must change.

I am only attracting bad situations

Again if you attracting negative events you are doing just that, attracting it. The fact that you take these events as negative and keep thinking about why it’s happening prevents you from being aligned. You focusing on the lack of what you want

I been trying this for months, how long does all this manifesting take

Patience is important. Abraham says it takes as quickly as 10 minutes to get into alignment.  So if it’s not coming let it go. Do something else, stop thinking about it, trust that you did your bit. Be happy and you will see how quick you get the desire.

It’s also important to note that the desire is not the only thing that can make you happy. The process to attain your desires should be just as exhilarating.




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