Abraham hicks – The Stream 

sunrise-1634125__480Abraham hicks explains that our life is a stream of wellness. You can choose to go against the stream or flow with it

You can choose to go upstream fighting against the current or flow down stream were it feels amazing.

The great thing about this stream is that it never stops, at any point in your life you can decide the direction.

You can never get it wrong. There are always opportunities to change direction

 Abraham hicks describes alignment as being flying high on your own disc.  

You may feel totally aligned and happy but suddenly something will happen and you not in that good place anymore.

You fall off the disc. Fortunatly the disc is always waiting for you. 

We came into this physical world to experience the contrast.

So if we were flying on our disc all day, everday, the reason for coming into this physical world will be lost. 

Remain on your high flying disc for as long as possible. If you fall off, get back on by using thoughts and emotions

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