6 myths about depression and law of attraction

6 myths about depression and law of attraction

It is a common misconception that law of attraction cannot assist those depressed.

It is just to simple and depression is so complicated.

You are the opposite of happy when depressed.  That is not complicated. Your relationships, and interactions are complicated. Depression is not.


If it were easy for you to think positively you wouldn’t be depressed.


Law of attraction teaches us not to focus on the bad. You do not have to be happy and smiling in order to attract your desires. All you have to do is not focus on what you do not have.

It’s too difficult to attempt when exhausted

Most of the processes require a pen and paper with a little bit of concentration. You would not even have to leave your bed to try

Clinical depression is a chemical imbalance and therefore changing my thoughts will not change me

If clinically depressed you do have a chemical imbalance. It is not triggered by an incident.

That is true you do have a medical problem like cancer or diabetes you cannot wish it away. That is why medication is so important. But it does not cure you. You still have bad days so why not try something new to use together with medical treatment.

Most psychologists use cognitive therapy giving you different ways to help you cope. This is changing behaviour which is exactly what law of attraction is all about. Changing thoughts that help you align thereby changing your behaviour .

I cannot think of anything else but my pain.

Well I would hope that if you are in pain you would seek medical help and do what the doctor directs but when depressed you have bad days and days that bad but are not as bad. The day you are able to wake up and brush your teeth or the day you able to crack a smile. Try the processes on those days.

Once you start, momentum towards your desire is created. The universe is not asking you do all the work. It is there to assist you. And as you do it it, day by day the process is easier. The universe will help you in your work towards abundance. You are not doing it alone.

I am not religious

Then it’s good law of attraction is not about religion. It is believing you are in control and that you possess the power to change your life and obtain all you desire.









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