5 ways to let go of negative feelings

Letting go is like pulling a decayed tooth out.  You know it’s decayed but if you pull it out it’s going to hurt like hell.

You will be better off without it but it’s difficult to undergo the process to have it removed. All that damn pain and effort.

Some motivation may be needed to let it go so here it is: 

1. Holding on to something or someone that is not good for you, is like drinking poison. You are killing yourself taking on all that stress and worry.

2. Question how it is serving you. Chances are the other people involved are moving on, happy, and here you sit with the world on your shoulders.

3. You are preventing yourself from getting into alignment with your higher self. You are disconnected from your source energy when you clutch on to these negative emotions.

5. You are making it more difficult for yourself to attract your abundance that source energy has given you.


How do you let go: 

1. Remember all the reasons why it is good for you to let go when faced with a negative situation.

2. Forgive but do not forget, forgiveness is for you it is not about the other person. No matter how wronged you may feel or how much you may want the other person to suffer, for your own happiness, forgive.

3. Vent in a non violent way. When ever you are irritated or angry find a friend, vent about the incident and how you feel.Then move on.

4. This is my favourite when faced with a situation, stop, breathe and ask your self ” in the grand scheme of things, does this effect my world directly. Will history change because this happened to me? ”  for example in my country the president is accused of corruption, he is destroying the economy and inflation in sky rocketing. People are mad but he uses racism as an excuse when he is caught with his pants  down so to speak. Compaining, or hating him is not going to bring the price of food lower, he is still going to steal even if I stay angry and hateful. So I let it go. I cannot control corrupt minions  all I can is live life best I can.

5. When you begin to feel the anger or saddness crop up distract yourself. As time progresses the feelings associated with whatever happened will not seem as bad. This makes it easier to let go.

Time does heal the pain but you have to allow  it.




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