4 reasons why the law of karma is flawed

4 reasons why the law of karma is flawed

Law of karma states whatever you do, good or bad comes back to you.

Wiccans believe that it comes back to you “threefold”. Three times worse if you do bad and three times better if it’s good.

For example if I murder someone then it is bad karma and it will come back to me in a form of something else bad but not necessarily being murdered. It could be anything.

If I murder someone and during the rest of my life suddenly turn a new leaf and become Mother Theresa then I accumulate good karma which will not remove the bad but I will get a lighter sentence in a way. 

So here are the problems with karma:

1. This means I am a non physical being who didn’t choose to come to this world. Karma forced me back to pay for all my sins. I have no control.

2. I can create a karmic bond with someone and not even know it. A karmic bond means if someone who you are close to in one life (does not matter if the relationship was bad ) can reincarnate into another with you. Sort of like unfinished  business between you getting settled. I may hate the person but I am stuck with them, again no control.

3. If I am to pay my karmic debt in my next life then I will be paying and not remember what for. Being punished and not even remember why, that is just harsh.

That also means I will not have the pleasure of watching people who wronged me pay back their karmic debt. 

4. No matter how much I confess, beg and plead, if I did something wrong karma is going to get me. There is no middle ground, I am either good or bad.

As for good karma, well that’s kind of awesome so why question a good thing.






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