Why are the “why’s “so important – Defeat depression with less questioning and more creating

Why are the “why’s “so important – Defeat depression with less questioning and more creating

Many people feel that we need to understand our feelings and actions.

We need to look deep inside ourselves to learn what we doing wrong so we do not repeat it.

Analyse how we feel and what it all means.

Here is an example of a conversation that we can relate  to in some way or the other? 

” Why are you depressed ?” 

” I do not know why I just feel down, you know I been feeling down for so long now ever since my boyfriend and I split”

“Why did you split?”

“Well we just were not clicking and now he has another girlfriend, and she is beautiful, I feel I’m ugly. I always hated myself but I blame it on my dad, my mum died when I was 4 years and my dad just could not give me that emotional stability, I couldn’t talk about feelings” 

“Do you feel better now that you talked about your feelings? “

Searching for the meaning to life and purpose for existence should not be the main focus. 

Of course we must question and not blindly follow but there is no need to spend an immense amount of time questioning all that has happened to you and how you feel about it.

If you are fortunate enough to find out the why , your curiosity is satisfied but how has that helped you attract your desires?

The universe sees your negative vibrations and will keep sending you more and more negativity because that’s how you feel and therefore attracting.

How about it go like this instead?

“Why are you depressed”

“I do not know , well my physical self is not aligned with my higher self, I think I am going to take a nap and quiet my mind a bit, thereafter I will play with my dog in the park and distract myself from the bad feelings so I can feel good, get into alignment and find another guy who is my vibrational match” 

So much better than contemplating how it all went South in your life.





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